Computer Networking Basics Book

networkingfirststepsI am not sure how to categorize this, since it’s relevant to electrics, sound, automation, and more.  So I’m just sticking it in the book club area, and know that it’s important in many aspects of the our industry.

We are seeing more and more gear networked together, and knowing how networks… um, work, is going to be a skill we don’t just want to have in our back pockets, but need.  As in NEED.  Most of radio broadcasting, at least those broadcasters with a little money, are all moving over to Audio over IP, and we aren’t far behind.  Digital consoles are being networked together, and DMX nodes are nothing new.

A fundamental knowledge of networking and TCP/IP can help you more than just in the world of stagecraft.

I’m just about done with Computer Networking First-Step by Wendell Odom.  It’s been great, even if it’s a little heavy on the metaphor.  It explains how networks talk, the main components, and how the layers and protocols work together.  No previous knowledge required.

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