Midi Basics Book

51zbJQseDyL._SS500_MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) isn’t just for synths any more.  It’s not as fast or wonderful as ethernet, or a number of other protocols out there, but it’s still in use.  Even if it’s simply tying lighting consoles together, there are plenty of uses for MIDI in the theater.

I learned the basics of MIDI from the book, MIDI for the Technophobe by Paul White.  It is fairly basic, and it’s been around a long time, but MIDI hasn’t changed much in the years since it’s been around.  It’s a fast read, and worth your time.

And if you are a book type learner, and you are interested in sound, I recommend any of the audio books written by Paul White from Sound on Sound Magazine.  His style makes it easy to understand what he’s talking about.


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